SANCA Sanpark is an organization working with the prevention and treatment of substance abuse and -addiction (ALL age groups). SANCA Sanpark provides In- and Out-patient treatment for all types of Addiction - Substance abuse, Smoking and Gambling - for ALL age groups INCLUDING adolescents (Learn more about our new Youth Centre for in-patient treatment!)
Furthermore our services include:
Prevention Programs at schools for Learners, Teachers and Parents;
Training, Lectures, Exhibitions and Campaigns regarding addiction; and
Aftercare Groups (after treatment) in Klerksdorp, Mafikeng, Rustenburg and Lichtenburg.


Addiction is a chronic disease

Addiction - the most Untreated treatable disease

It is involved in 70% of all crimes in South Africa

You can help 10 severly affected victims of substance abuse by sponsoring treatment for an addicted person who are not able to afford